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Posted on July 1, 2019 · Posted in Bankruptcy


Whenever any creditors are entitled to receive money from your bankruptcy, be sure that the money goes toward satisfying debts that won’t be discharged or that will continue to linger because of a lien.

For example, if you file Chapter 13 to catch up on your back mortgage payments, you want the money you pay to the trustee to be used for this purpose—not toward payment of debts that will just be eliminated.  But remember that a creditor can’t receive any money from a bankruptcy estate unless a document called a proof of claim is filed with the court.  Most creditors have 90 days from the 341 meeting to file such a claim.  If the creditor doesn’t file one, you can lodge a proof of claim on behalf of the creditor up to 120 days from the 341 meeting.

Governmental units get special treatment and are afforded 180 days after the petition date to file a proof of claim.  Certain taxes are priority debts.  These taxes, which ordinarily would be non-dischargeable, can be wiped out in Chapter 13 whenever the taxing authority doesn’t file a timely proof of claim.  Obviously, you don’t want to file a proof of clam for these debts, call a bankruptcy lawyer in Citrus Heights.

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