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Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

This is the most common chapter in personal bankruptcy. Though Chapter 7 is described as liquidation, a Chapter 7 case usually permits you to get rid of debts, usually without having to lose any of your assets. Consumer debts are typically wiped out. The most common exceptions are recent year taxes, student loans, support obligations, and fines/penalties. A person filing a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy often can begin the credit recovery/rebuilding process as soon as the case is completed, about 3 or 4 months after filing. Contact a bankruptcy lawyer in Sacramento at Law Office of Robert W. Fong for free consultation today.

If you get behind on your payments, your creditors can take the collateral and sell it to get their money. It is important to contact a bankruptcy lawyer in Sacramento for specific consultation regarding your personal situation. Even filing for bankruptcy can only delay the loss of your home or car if you don’t keep up the payments. Unless you are willing to lose your home or car, you must make paying these secured debts a very high priority. This seems only logical, but it’s shocking by the number of our clients who, probably because of collection harassment, pay credit card payments instead of their house or car payments.

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