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California Bankruptcy Law Firm

Your case will be handled by an experienced bankruptcy lawyers from start to finish.

Unlike large firms, we will not assign you a case manager and your case will not be prepared by non-lawyers. An experienced bankruptcy attorney will analyze and prepare your case from beginning to end. We do not handle a large amount of cases per month, thus we can spend the time necessary to insure a thorough job of analyzing your particular issues and potential problem areas in your Bankruptcy case. You will have direct contact with your attorney during the entire process. We will personally represent you at your court hearing.

Law Office of Robert W. Fong is a bankruptcy law practice located in Northern California. We have offices located in Carmichael and Stockton. Bankruptcy lawyer Robert Fong is committed to helping people protect their assets while discharging their debts in Bankruptcy. Bankruptcy attorney Robert Fong will determine if Bankruptcy is a viable option for you, and if so, provide proficient, accurate, and protective representation. Robert W. Fong has represented thousands of people in Bankruptcy cases, and has a over 20 years of legal experience. We have the experience that is necessary to properly evaluate, prepare, and file your case.

We are members of the California State Bar. If you are having financial hardship and are considering filling for bankruptcy, contact us by calling (209) 475-0499 for a FREE confidential bankruptcy consultation.

Law Office of Robert W. Fong
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Carmichael Office

Law Office of Robert W. Fong
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Do You Qualify for Bankruptcy?

Not everyone qualifies for Bankruptcy, but it can be a complete solution for your financial problems if you do qualify. Qualifying for bankruptcy is not necessarily a black and white issue. An experienced attorney can pinpoint specific facts about your situation that can help you to qualify for bankruptcy even if you think you make too much money. Sometimes a Chapter 7 is the solution, while other times a Chapter 13 repayment plan can be more beneficial.

What Assets Can I Keep?

You are required to list ALL of your assets and debts. However you can usually keep your house and cars as long as you can make the payments. Generally, a bankruptcy can exempt most or all of your assets so that you can keep everything. This includes household items, cars, and retirement accounts.

Does Debt Consolidation Work?

Debt consolidation often times does not work for many people. It can be a temporary solution that can take many years to resolve itself. Many people come to us after trying debt consolidation and spending thousands of dollars just to find out that they still owe most of their debt. A Chapter 7 Bankruptcy can be completed in as little as 3 ½ months.

Rebuild Credit After Bankruptcy?

You can rebuild your credit after Bankruptcy. A Bankruptcy can be on your credit report for 7-10 years, but you can rebuild your credit usually within 2-3 years if you have decent income and you pay your obligations on time after bankruptcy. After your debts are discharged, your debt to income ratio improves dramatically.

Things You Can & Cannot Do

There are certain things you should not do before you file bankruptcy. An experienced attorney can answer all of your questions regarding what you can and cannot do before filing for bankruptcy during a free consultation. For example, you cannot give your cars away to friends or relatives prior to filing your case.

If you are receiving harassing phone calls, you can refer the collector to your bankruptcy attorney after we are retained. They will verify our representation and generally the calls will stop. Once we file your case there is an automatic stay in place which makes it illegal for any creditor to try and collect a debt from you. Bankruptcy can also help you regarding lawsuits filed against you and wage garnishments. Some things that are not dischargeable are; most student loans, government taxes (less than 3 years old), criminal fines, and alimony and child support.

No Pressure to File Bankruptcy

We will not try and talk you into doing a Bankruptcy. We will merely set forth your options and let you decide in your own time without any pressure. Every case is different, and there are situations where Bankruptcy is not the answer. Take the time and book an appointment for a free consultation. You will sleep better knowing your rights and responsibilities under the Bankruptcy laws. Bankruptcy is your constitutional right.